poosh & Jamie

Poosh AKA Mary Eleanor Williamson Kanzler is Jamie's sister. She is completely awesome. When it was announced to Jamie that his mother, Janine was pregnant with Poosh, he sighed and said  " I know, it's a girl and her name is Chou Chou."  When she was born everyone called her by that name, which eventually evolved into Poosh. 

She has an amazing combination of ways of thinking. Her dexterity in both math and science in combination with her incredible talent in studio art have the ability to inspire people of all ages. Fluffy things, fuzzy things, and furry things fill her life in the best ways. Her laugh is infectious. While abroad, as well as close by, she encourages and supports individuals and communities to create positive change. Along side Jamie, she has a sense of humor that is one of a kind. Jamie and Mary are three years and three months apart in age. 

As Jamie has Tweety and Chicky in his life, Mary has Blankies and Chicky too. 

We are so proud of Mary! She graduated from Trinity College with a degree in Studio Arts. She was the Presidential Fellow, awarded Magna Cum Laude, and is a new member of Phi Beta Kappa. After acceptance to post-baccalaureate programs at both UVM and Harvard, she will cotinue her education at Harvard University's post-baccalaureate health careers program this fall.